We are Yolanda y Guillem A passionate couple in photography, music, and film. We started our dream a few years ago in Barcelona in a small apartment near the antique shops pl. Glories, where we loved getting lost in the antique shops with furniture, books, pictures, old photographic machines. We made our passion and respect for the old Camera Obscura.
That being the origin and respect for the old makes us see the world as if we were in a beautiful glass prism with its reflections, shapes and colors thus continue and not isolating ourselves to any style but believing in a job very careful and why not dream that our little story still continues.

We also have on the team photographer Cristina Jimenez Rey, and Laura Moran videographer with us and the result of years of work have achieved a very careful style without perching with a creative looking for a visual narrative. We are passionate about photography and not much to bet on this dream ago, and here we are enjoying every momentvisual.

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Art animation by Guillem of Camera Obscura copyright 2015

Yolanda born in Badalona amateur photographer since 1990, year in which a Reflex Minolta discovers the world of analogue photography, in subsequent years it makes many courses highlighting three years at the prestigious school of GREY ART Barcelona where he learns all fields related to photography as disclosed in White and Black, lighting, digital photography, etc.         Another course descata is the master in photography with large format cameras, taught classes in Barcelona. Other studies highlight is the Master class in liquid in the civic center of Barcelona Can Suffice emulsions, and the Workshop on photography in advertising and fashion studio PHOTOGRAPHER Lorenzo Herrera in November 2011. In 2012 studies at the School lighting Girona.En ERAM of 2014 hits a workshop specializing in fantasy with Alain Perdomo photographer.

Guillem Born in Barcelona he began working as an interior designer but found another way in which to unleash their passions, his obsession is to seek beauty in MUSIC & film and re-interpret it in his great love is photography and video, likes to be left led by Greenaway films, Wong Kar Way or David Lynch looking at blueprints, images and emotions.One of the things he likes is playing with his dog Kira (the little one) Dorian the most gluttonous and Louise the largest and most. When night falls evenings are accompanied by Yolanda and her old Dual 1218 turntable and go with notes about Joy Division or This Mortal Coil.


Cristina Jimenez Rei Is our partner principal in photography, we met in this 2015 and after several weddings, is part essential for Camera Obscura. I graduated in 2007, and decided to increase and intensify my academic and professional interest in photography, enrolling in the “Master of Visual Media Design: photography” program in ELISAVA Design School of Barcelona in 2009. I kept the contemporary Art world in my sights, as I won a major grant to study and complete another Master’s program in Granada the following year.
My style has changed much since I began my work in photography, with a focus shifting more and more towards fashion and lifestyle ,but always looking for that moment that make us unique in the shape of a smile,a look,an expression,a position....and always having fun in my shoots.  

Laura Moran Is our main partner in Video, indispensable part of Camera Obscura. Photographer with many concerns gets a great artistic level with a self-training courses supported by some lighting. It is this aspect of constant evolution in which guillem Yolanda and Laura are comfortable with their nonconformity, dedication and professionalism.

CAMERA OBSCURA PHOTO & FILM Barcelona - Girona - España - Worldwide
Tlf: 0034 680271580 Yolanda Tlf: 0034 616500219 Guillem